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ROTARY KADINA MARKET Conditions for Stallholders. Scroll down to go to Market information and Booking page.

DEFINITIONS:- Wording within quotation marks below have the following meanings.


“the Market” means ROTARY KADINA MARKET (held Monthly, normally last Saturday in month).

“the Venue” means VICTORIA SQUARE, KADINA South Australia.


ROTARY’S KADINA MARKET is a long standing monthly Market that attracts many visitors from all over the State of South Australia and beyond. Visitors meander through the stalls in search of bargains, or simply relax over a coffee or something to eat from the food stalls or the neighbouring shops and cafes. Visitors to the Market are from all walks of life; elderly, families, disabled, families with young children in strollers and prams, singles, couples and teenagers some of which are accompanied by their dogs who vary in breed and size.


1. TRADING HOURS: The Market trading hours are 8:30 am – 12:30 pm. Stall sites may be occupied from 6am for set up. Stall sites not occupied by 8am may be forfeited at the discretion of the Club. Stall sites must be packed up and the Park vacated by 1pm.

2: SITE ALLOCATION: Allocation of stall sites will be done during the week prior to the Market day. Stallholders will be advised of their site upon arrival at the venue and will be conducted to their allocated site by a greeting team. The Club does not guarantee the allocation of a requested site.

3. CATEGORIES OF GOODS PERMITTED FOR SALE: Traders are permitted to sell second-hand goods; goods made by the trader; goods of a non-commercial nature; or goods purchased from commercial wholesalers but which are inferior to those that would normally be sold by retailers (e.g. seconds, damaged or redundant stock). Traders selling food, beverages (alcoholic or otherwise) confectionery, consumable organic products of any description must comply with local Council guidelines.

4. GOODS NOT PERMITTED FOR SALE: Traders are not permitted to sell tobacco products (including e-cigarettes), animals, poisonous products, prescription medication, illegal or offensive items, firearms, ammunition, explosives, weapons, dangerous or counterfeit goods.

5. COMPLIANCE: Traders must comply with all relevant laws and any requirement of any authority in connection with the Market & the traders' use of the stall sites. Traders must comply with all directions given by Club staff or volunteers.

5. AGENT: The Club is not an agent for any trader and accepts no responsibility for any transaction entered into by or on behalf of traders at the Market. 

7. DISPUTES: The Club reserves the right to determine any dispute between traders in so far as any such dispute is in connection with the Market or the use and occupation of stall sites.

8. RELEASE: The trader uses and occupies the Venue and the stall site allocated to him or her at his or her own risk and releases the Club from all claims resulting from any damage, loss, death or injury in connection with the use and occupation of the Market and stall site except to the extent that the Club is negligent. 

9. INDEMNITY: The trader must indemnify and hold harmless the Club and its members, staff and volunteers, against all claims resulting from any damage, loss, death or injury in connection with the Market and/or stall site and the use and occupation of the Market/and or stall site by the trader except to the extent that the Club is negligent. A copy of Stallholders’ Insurance currency Certificate must be lodged with the Market organisers and kept up to date in the case of a returning Stallholder. Failure to do so may result in the application for a stall site being rejected unless a single day cover is arranged.

10. MARKETING: The Club reserves the right to publish photographic images of traders and/or their stall sites taken at the Market for use in their promotional material.

11. RUBBISH: Traders must keep their stall sites and the surrounding areas free from rubbish and litter at all times. All rubbish and unsold goods must be removed from the Market site. A limited number of bins are provided for this purpose. Traders are to ensure that rubbish disposed in this manner does not spill onto the ground.

12. PARKING: Traders may park vehicles behind the stall site allocated to them, provided that they occupy at least a double site and such vehicle is no greater than 5.5 Metres in length. Vehicles must not be parked in vacant stall sites. Traders vehicles may use on-street parking spaces in the locality of the Square where local conditions permit.

13. VEHICLES: Traders are not permitted to move vehicles into or out of the venue between 8am and 1:00 pm unless as directed to by Club or Market staff. Refer to item 20.2 regarding vehicular movement during adverse weather. 

14. SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted in or at stall sites. 

15. ANIMALS: If a Stallholder brings an animal into the Market Venue, then that animal should be properly tethered and be supplied water and food. The Club has no control over animals bought into the venue by the Public. 

16. CONDUCT: Traders must behave with courtesy and respect towards members of the public, other traders and Club staff and volunteers. 

17. CRIMINAL OFFENCES: Traders that are suspected of committing a criminal offence will be reported to the police.

18. USE OF STALL SITES: Traders may only operate within their allocated stall site. The use of walk ways between stall sites and vacant stall sites for the placing or storage goods is not permitted. 

19. CANCELLATIONS/RE-LOCATIONS: The Club expressly reserves the right to cancel any booking of a stall site and/or reallocate a stall site in circumstances where the Club considers a booking or allocation to be detrimental to the Market or to other traders, or if vehicles are parked in booked stall site(s). The Club also reserves the right to cancel any booking in circumstances where a trader has submitted false or misleading information. If the Club cancels a booking a refund will be given of any stall site fees paid. 


20.1 The Club will operate the Market in a variety of adverse weather conditions and Club staff or volunteers will remain in attendance irrespective of adverse conditions. Traders are advised to bring their own protection against the elements.

20.2 In the event of continuous rain or other severe weather conditions, traders must decide by 8.30 am if they wish to continue to trade. If traders opt to leave the Market, they must liaise with the Market Organisers in order to safely do so. After this time, there will be no refunds, discounts or exchanges other than for hire fees for tables and gazebos. If traders opt to continue to trade, their vehicles must remain until 1:00 pm. Traders without vehicles within the venue may leave at any time.

21. BREACH: Any breach of these Conditions by the trader may, at the option of the Club, result in the booking and/or allocation of a stall site being withdrawn and/or further bookings of stall sites not being accepted.


All Stallholders, whether first time Stallholder or regular Stallholder are required to read this Site Safety Notice before having a stall at the Kadina Rotary Market.  Continuing with a stall booking confirms that you have read and understood the information and will abide by the policies, procedures, methods and rules of The Rotary Kadina Market.


This Site Safety Notice conveys important information regarding the site that you are going to work on, the working methods you are required to undertake and details of how to ensure that everyone’s health and safety is considered and protected.


While as a Stallholder you must:

take reasonable care of your own health and safety and that of any associates; 

take reasonable care that your, or any associates, acts or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of other persons, including your staff (including family members & friends);


Accident and Incident reporting

Everyone has a responsibility to themselves and others to observe the safety rules and regulations that are in force on this site. All Stallholders and their staff are required to:

Observe safety requests from the Market Manager and/or Officer in Charge;

Comply with all safe working practices and procedures;

Immediately report to the Market Manager and/or Officer in Charge any potential workplace hazards, mishaps, incidents or injuries;

NEVER use unsafe or illegal practices and ensure no other person or themselves are placed at risk.

All accidents, incidents and near misses must be reported to the Market Manager and/or Officer in Charge even if they do not result in injury or damage. In the event of injury, first aid or medical treatment must be obtained. Failure to report and obtain treatment may lead to complications of the injury.

In the event of a serious injury:

Do not panic; Ensure the safety of yourself and others around the area;

Contact emergency services by phoning “000” and follow the operators directions;

The Market Manager and/or Officer in Charge should be advised as soon as possible;


In the event of an emergency you will be directed by the Market Manager and/or Officer in Charge.  It is imperative that in the event of an emergency you: 

Do not panic;     Do not run;        Assist others if required;               Follow any instructions.

Emergency Vehicle access points:  

1. Main Entrance – Opposite the Hardware store in Digby Street.

2. Entrance off Taylor St. – (Parking space marked out with a yellow cross.)


First Aid

 RC-NYP does not have trained first aid respondents. Stallholders will be responsible for any first aid requirements for themselves or their associates. RC-NYP have their own first aid box and may be able to assist, but carry no responsibility to do so. There is no guarantee that the first aid box is present or has up to date or required items in it.

Alcohol and Drugs

It is prohibited for any Stallholder and their staff to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs whilst on site.


Public Toilets are located within Victoria Square, opposite the Post Office.


No power, mains or portable, is to be used on any stall unless the requirement appears on the stall application and the stallholder is authorised to use the power box adjacent to their site, or generator. All equipment, including extension leads must be labelled with the appropriate test tag. All so-labelled devices must be within the appropriate test duration.

House keeping

Everyone is responsible for ensuring the site is kept in a safe and clean condition to minimise risks to health and safety. All Stallholders must abide by the following:

Stack materials so as to provide clear access at all times;

Treat the site with care;

Report any potential hazards to the Market Manager and/or Officer in Charge;

All rubbish and waste material from your stall is to be removed offsite.

Incident Reporting

It is the responsibility of everyone to ensure incidents, hazards and/or near misses are reported to the Market Manager and/or Officer in Charge. Details of any incidents, hazards and/or near misses must be documented.

Lost Children  

If a child approaches you and tells you that they are lost, or someone brings a lost child to you, you must take responsibility.  You should immediately inform the Market Manager or Officer in Charge so the process of reuniting child and parents.

Manual Handling

▪   Use a partner where loads are deemed to be too heavy for 1 person;

▪   Do not lift anything if you are not confident you can do it.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

▪ All Stallholders and their helpers are responsible for protecting themselves against UV rays and ensuring they are kept hydrated.


It is not permitted under any circumstance for vehicles to be driven or moved in the Market area whilst the Market is operation from 8:00 am to 12.30 pm.

This document is a health and safety document and should be read in conjunction with the                             

Kadina Rotary Market Terms and Conditions.

Market Conditions: About Us
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